About us

We are a team of motivated, friendly, and dedicated people working together to put a smile on millions of people’s faces through innovative services!

About the Taktika Studio 

Believe in our creativity and everything is possible!

Meet our team who is passionate about cats and dogs and able to turn their energy into results in everything they do!

We are a well-mixed team of women (44%) and men (56%), highly motivated with different personalities that come together to make your experience unique.

Our team

Like it or not, behind every success story are these amazing people.

Suzi from Tuzi

The perfect assistant and Tuti’s supervisor!


CEO of Entertainment.

Rina Mustafa

Junior Account Manager

Who else but Rina would play Harry Styles after Method Man?

Teuta Perović

Junior Account Manager

If something isn’t in order, fix it before Teuta the OCD comes to fix it for you!

Fatbardha Raci

Junior Growth Marketer

If you ever wonder where all her money goes? Coffees & Shopping of course.

Arberite Berisha

WordPress Developer

She will never love us more than coffee.

Laureta Ujkani

Finance Manager

The one who makes sure to press Enter key on time so we can have some money in our pockets.

Diellona Kabashi​

Researcher & Content Writer

She’s the definition of PhotoMath App in real life.

Albina Bytyçi

Social Media Creative Specialist

Albin Ahmeti

Head of Facility & Logistics

We are always complex from our BINI!

Fadil Ahmetaj

CEO & Managing

He finally removed the block.

Besart Pacolli

Managing Director

Besi is always our go-to person for everything.

Shkodran Berisha

Senior WordPress

He’s the 5th Gilangji teammate, lucky us to be found by him.

Vigan Drini

Marketing Supervisor

We all believe that one day he’ll become a successful singer.

Enis Rrahimi

Motion Designer

He’s like a quiet kid in the back of the class, but BOOM one joke & you’re gone.

Arbian Shkodra

IT Support

He cried when Chiellini of Juventus got retired!

Elton Rexhepi

Junior Graphic Designer

The one who designs, eats healthy & plays Rugby. He is the real champ.

Uran Dobra

Social Media Manager

Despite living just a stone’s throw away from the office, he’s still cronically late.

Blend Ejupi

Graphic Designer

This could be you