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We are partnering with Marketsupply to provide services to Brilliant, a leading supplier of indoor and outdoor lighting in Europe. Our joint efforts have supercharged their Amazon presence and achieved outstanding results.

We have optimized product title, bullet points, and A+ content to make their products more appealing and increase conversions. We have also improved their product images and are carefully managing PPC campaigns. Our efforts have successfully reduced their ACOS while significantly increasing sales.


We are pleased to announce that we have been able to improve our clients’ advertising campaigns! We’ve reduced ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sales) from 112% to less than 18% in just six months, and despite these changes, we’ve achieved more impressions through increased sales.

What we did

Our team has successfully optimized a range of products for Brilliant Company through a comprehensive approach. This includes:

A+ Content

To offer clients comprehensive details about the product, we have introduced A+ Content for Brilliant. Our prime objective behind this initiative is to deliver the information innovatively and creatively so that the customers can better understand the product and make informed decisions.

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