Taktika Studio participated in the Diaspora Business Forum

The Diaspora Business Forum was held in Prishtina for two days starting on May 27.Taktika Studio, as a participant in the forum, presented possible plans, the business environment, and various other resources on the first day of the event to familiarize others with what they can do as a company to achieve successful collaborations.

This forum aimed to create as many links between businesses and consumers as possible to increase Kosovo’s exports and economic growth. Many company presentations, successful collaboration presentations, and visits to numerous companies.On this occasion, the critical role of the diaspora in a stable economy in Kosovo was emphasized.The event was jointly organized by the Albanian Business Network in Europe, USAID’s Kosovo Comprehensive Project, and the Germin Organization. Participants included 197 business people from the diaspora and abroad and over 170 local entrepreneurs. The event was held for the eighth time.

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