5 Tips to Optimize Your Amazon Product Page Listing

Amazon’s algorithm considers several factors to determine the order of search results. The first pages of search results will help you sell more and become a well-known business. The algorithm focuses on several factors, including keywords, customer reviews, price, delivery time, etc. 

This blog is about optimizing your listing page to rank better in search results. 

Amazon Product Page Optimization

Since the Amazon algorithm can sometimes be complex, you should optimize your product page, which should be included in your marketing strategy. Below we have listed some tips for product page optimization:

  • Search deeply for keywords

Choosing appropriate keywords for your list is important because keywords are one of Amazon’s algorithm’s ranking factors. 

By searching for keywords, analyzing them, and comparing them with competitors, you will get a list of suitable keywords for your product, such as size, color, and so on. You can use different tools for searching, and if you have some keywords, you can type them into the Amazon search bar and get further suggestions. You can use tools for Amazon search terms: Keyword Tool, Ahrefs, Helium 10, Keywordtool Dominator, SellerApp, Keyword Inspector, Jungle Scout, Sonar, etc.

  • Optimize your Product Title, Bullet Points, and Description

The title should be well-optimized as it is the first thing the audience sees when looking for something they need. 

Some tips on how to draw your audience’s attention to your title include: 

  • Use keywords in the title
  • Don’t use symbols, and avoid capitalizing letters. Instead, only capitalize the first letter of each word 
  • Consider the mobile view

To help the customer make a purchase decision, use bullet points and optimize them to be informative and highlight the most important aspects of your product. 

In the bullet points, describe the product features and include all the necessary descriptive phrases, such as what your product can do, how it works, warranties, guarantees, and other features. 

Pay attention to the length of the bullet points and try to use keywords as well. 

Use descriptions to explain to customers why they should buy your product. Be informative and describe it in a way as simple as possible, in order of importance, why the product should be purchased.

  • Use quality images and an interesting video

Use attractive images and videos on your product page so the customer can be sure they are choosing your product and not the competitor’s product. 

The main image should show the product against a white background, in full quality. Other photos should be informative, visually telling people what the product contains and how to use it, and use one or two images that are a lifestyle. Finally, you can use infographics and an interesting video to grab the audience’s attention. 

All images you upload to your Amazon listing should be at least 1000 x 1000 pixels. In addition, you should upload high-resolution photos so your audience can enlarge them and get a better view of your products.

  • Use A+ Content 

Amazon A+ Content is an item description that allows sellers to add additional images, text to their product detail pages and tell their brand’s story.

Some of the tips on how to create A+ content are:

  • Mention your unique selling proposition (USP) in your content
  • Keep it short and informative
  • Use text and images of varying quality
  • Pay attention to the size and resolution of the images
  • Proofread your content and then publish it

Use A+ content and benefit from it in the Amazon search engine. 

  • Set the right product price

Pricing is an essential factor that helps your business generate revenue because users want the best deal. If your products are more expensive than your competitors’ products, customers are more likely to choose the cheaper option. Therefore, set the best price for your products. 


Amazon is a powerful search engine through which people sell their products and benefit in various ways. Since the search engine has many sellers, you should optimize your product to be selected before the competitors’ products.  Pay attention to every detail and optimize it by following the guidelines and best practices. For example, optimize your product titles and bullet points, use high-quality images and attractive videos, describe why buyers should buy your product, use A+ content to inform the audience better and pay attention to the product price, and scientific customers research which product they should buy according to the price.

Written by: Fatbardha Raci

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